The Art Of Witchcraft And Traffic.


The Fundamentals Of Our Origins:

Who Is The Wizard?

Not one wizard, but many.

And yes, I am brainwashing you right now.

The wizard is first of all an artist, a master in witchcraft and other tricks.

My expertise are in driving enchanted traffic, lead generation and an outstanding conversion rate.

My experience is verity set of skills in the gaming, casino & CFD Industries, I do not follow trends I create them.

 The Wizard combines cutting edge technology with a highly intelligent modern marketing methods with the experience of the past by using the knowledge of the future and the scrolls of history.

 I see wizardry as science and witchcraft as technology, I use my own niche SEO Websites and highly advanced marketing funnels using my finest set of skills in Social  Engineering, neuro-linguistic marketing campaigns and complicated conceptual funnels.

 Bare in mind that you poses the entire set of skills to enlight others yet you do non to achieve greatness, then you have no claim to yourself to be called a Wizard.


I Am Watching you. 

Good luck. 

Looking For A Magical Traffic Spell?
It's Time To Start Working:



This is not another “Vision explaining” brief

This is a glimpse of the future, our future

The future of this industry and why it is no longer enough to rely on the old methods

And why some are making progress and some will never.

The rhythm is about to change, the dark net is becoming less and less dark, the concept of currency is changing, the world is becoming digital and more global then ever and the banking system is about to become a lot less relevant.

The goal of the wizard is not to follow the wave of progress but to shape it in my and by the hands of my followers. Will you be apart of the progress or will you stay behind with all the rest.

Remember not everybody can be winners, in order for other to be at the top, most have to become the bottom, are you ready to climb to the top or are you willing to become the foundation of the new future, will you be a slave or a master? White or purple? a sheep or a wolf? For sheep will be sheep, but will you be a shepherd?

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Traffic wizard is a member in many conferences this year.

28th - 30th NOVEMBER 2018


Malta, the kingdom of the knights. 

Maybe I will Meet You There


3rd - 5th December 2018

affiliate world asia - bANGKOK

Bangkok is full of choices, and opportunities.

The biggest of them all.

3rd - 9th february 2019

ice london 2019

Everything starts and ends in London.

And this time, 

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